It might sound like a rather bold and presumptuous statement, though we’re firm believers in that letting go is essential for one to move forward. Sure, there are those who run successful businesses whilst maintaining their books all on their own and that’s fine; but if you want your business to really take off and grow then you’re going to have to let go and start spending your time a little wiser.

And that’s the main theme that we’re going to focus on in this article: Time. Time is our most valuable commodity and one that is in finite supply! – If there is one thing in this world that we can be certain of, it is that. So, why is it that so many people are too afraid to let go of their bookkeeping and pass it off over to the professionals to handle on their behalf? Wasting time for the sake of saving money is in fact, counterproductive.

I Don’t Trust Anyone Else with My Business

It’s understandable why some people have trouble letting go of their bookkeeping, particularly when they’ve worked so hard to build their business from the ground up. But one must ask, how has accountancy grown to become such a gargantuan industry if there are no decent, reliable and trustworthy accountants out there? And the answer quite simply is that there are!

You don’t have to pass the keys to the castle over to just anyone and the truth is that you can still keep a close eye on what is going on with your accounts. Finding a reliable and trustworthy accountant is easy, because the truth is that there are a lot of decent and reputable companies out there. All you need to do is put the feelers out, engage with a few different companies and find the right fit for you.

I Don’t Want to Pay Someone to Do a Job That I Can Do Myself

And that’s fine, but why then, bother having any employees at all in that case? Hiring an accountant should be treated the same way as taking on a new employee, or rather a business partner. An accountant will not only do the job better than you (in most cases), but if they’re an exceptional accountant then they’ll even be able to save you money in the long run.

The trick is to look beyond the initial cost when looking to hire someone to do your bookkeeping and focus on the money that there is to be made. Paying someone to take care of your bookkeeping on your behalf is an investment in your business. You’ll have more precious time to focus on doing what you do best, and you’ll have a fresh and experienced pair of eyes to look at your books with an unbiased perspective and advise you accordingly.

It’s a Scary Prospect at First

We don’t want to take away from the fact that it is a scary experience, taking what might feel like a risk. But the most successful people in business are those who were willing to take risks, trial and experiment with new ideas and ultimately change with the times. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to take a deep breath and just let go – you’ll thank yourself for it in the future, believe us.